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  • Wall of Fame Wednesday: Peek-a-Boo! March 27, 2013
    Rio: Submitted by Stephanie P.: I believe she is unique by her beautiful markings and personality.You can see her white stripe racing down the left side of her face and also she has one white toe on her left paw that seems to follow the same path! Write your own caption or comment and submit your pet pics to be featured on The Wall of Fame!
  • Mysteriously Cute Animal Monday: Dog Rescued from Puppy Mill Has Odd Way of Walking February 25, 2013
    via Today's odd animal story is heartbreaking, so I'm warning you in advance.
  • Zebra, Pony Run Loose on Staten Island November 29, 2012
    Today in random animal news: Watch as a pony and zebra run loose after they apparently escaped from a Staten Island Christmas tree seller.
  • Never-Seen-Before Whale Washes Up on New Zealand Shore November 11, 2012
    Photo: New Zealand Department of Conservation A species of beaked whale known previously only from bone fragments has been seen for the first time after a mother and calf recently washed up on a New Zealand shoreline. Called the spade-toothed beaked whale, the species has understandably been hailed as the world's rarest whale. While it's unfortunat […]
  • 20 Polar Bears Found Living on Iceberg Out at Sea November 4, 2012
    Photo: ilovegreenland/Flickr Conventional wisdom about polar bears is that they spend most of their time out hunting on the sea ice, except during the warm summer months when the sea ice recedes and the bears are forced to return to land as a final refuge. But a surprising new discovery by a group of filmmakers shooting on location in Greenland could challen […]

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  • Is an African Lion Roaming the City Streets? August 4, 2014
    Is an African lion roaming the streets of Norwalk, CA? Security cameras captured footage of what seems to be a large cat. The footage is of course grainy, so it's hard to tell exactly what it is. In my experience as a Naturalist at the National Wildlife Federation, I can...
  • Is Sundance Creature Real? July 29, 2014
    I came across this video recently shot in Sundance, Utah. It's footage of dark woods along a roadside taken by some people who claim they saw something standing in the trees as they drove by, so they turned around to see if they could catch whatever it was on camera....
  • Heron Swallows Gopher Whole July 17, 2014
    Great blue herons are beautiful, large birds that typically hunt along the edges of wetlands like lakes, ponds and marshes. Their long legs help them wade through the shallows on the hunt for fish, frogs, snakes and other aquatic or semi-aquatic prey. Photo by Theodore Scott via Flickr Creative Commons....
  • This Moth Looks Like Bird Poop July 7, 2014
    Mother Nature is pretty awesome, especially when she has the sense of humor of a ten year old boy. You might be aware that the caterpillars of the giant swallowtail butterfly have evolved to look like bird droppings as way to avoid being eaten by predators. Most predators don't enjoy...
  • Wild Fox Leaves Gruesome Gifts for Humans July 2, 2014
    My friend Jeff, a fellow board member of the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program, sent me a question about a strange and interesting wildlife encounter he and his family had at their home in Virginia, wondering what my thoughts were about it as a Naturalist. From Jeff: "My family has...

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