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Welcome to the home of our Loveable and Adorable Teacup Mini Pigs! We believe in Quality vs. Quantity and complete health for our pigs. We handhold and train every piglet from the time they are born until the day they join your family. We do not underfeed our pigs or promise unreasonably small sizes on our piglets. Our piglets go to only the very best homes and we donate a portion of every piggy sold to a reputable Pig Sanctuary in support of abandoned pigs, as potbellied pigs are the #1 discarded animal. Please look around the site at Pictures, Videos, our forum of questions and answers, Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us for more information and specific detailed questions. You are also able to visit our forum and blog for more information. Below is some basic information on the different breeds and sizes of miniature pigs. We specialize in Vietnamese Miniature Teacup Potbelly Pigs and Teacup Potbelly pigs. These piggies really do make the most uniquely amazing pets ever! Our wish is that other families can share in the joy our piggies have brought our family!

Mini Pig Q & A………Is This a Pet That’s Right For You?

What are Miniature Pigs temperament, do they make great pets? Mini pigs have become a favorite pet around the world and are new to the US market first in the 80′s from Europe, and have increasingly became more popular in the last decade. Just like any other pet, each piglet has their own unique personality. They are incredibly intelligent, many resources credit mini pigs to be smarter then most dogs. They are very easy to litter train, leash train, learn commands like “No”, teach tricks, and most love to cuddle and kiss. They are extremely friendly with the whole family, although typically have a favorite person in the home that they bond with. They make very funny grunting, barking, and squealing noises and love to root, play, and graze in the grass. They can be compared to owning a mixture of a dog and/or cat. Most piglets choose one person that they are best friends with, and animals as well. They are the funniest pets I have ever owned.

Are Mini Pigs indoor or outdoor animals? Both! Your piglet will love being in the home and being a part of the family, however they also love to be out in the yard. They love to root in the dirt and graze on grass. Their little tails swing back and forth with pure joy when they get to just be piggies. I know a lot of breeders say they can live in an apartment, but I disagree. Piggies really should have an outdoor space to roam and play and graze. Dirt is must and grass is a wonderful treat as long as they do not overeat!

Are mini pigs friendly with other animals or can they be the only pet? Pigs are pack animals and prefer to run in small groups. A pig in my opinion should not be the only pet in the house. They like constant interaction with other animals and sleep together. Pigs can become lonely and bored, thus getting into trouble or becoming unruly, or even depression. I even know of a breeder that only sells mini pigs in pairs. If you do decide to get a pair of mini pigs we will gladly give a $200 discount to help with the initial investment.

Can I train my Mini Pig? Yes! In fact, pigs have been proven to learn faster then dogs or any other domesticated pet. By the time your piglet is only a few months own they can easily learn how to be litter trained, how to walk on a leash with a figure 8 harness, sit, kneel, lay, twirl, etc. Some have even taught their pigs how to shake, shake their heads yes or no, bowl, play a toy piano, etc. There is really no limit to what you could potentially teach your little friend, although they could probably never jump like a dog to catch a Frisbee so there are some limitations. :)

Do Miniature Pigs have a special diet? We prefer to feed our piggies a brand called Mazuri, it is a special pellet that is designed specifically for mini pigs. Regular pig food is designed to put fat on pigs, so this specially designed food encourages health without packing on the pounds. A baby piglet up to a few months old will eat a 1/4 cup of pellet in the morning and in the evening, or you can feed them 3-4 times an 1/8 of a cup. In between feedings it is best to treat them to fruits and especially vegetables that do not pack on the pounds. However, pigs absolutely LOVE food and are driven at all times to get it. You do have to be disciplined for your piggies health to not overfeed them or let them break into your fridge or pantry. I LOVE feeding our bigs our day old lettuce, browned bananas, old fruit, etc. Nothing goes bad in our home anymore!

How long do miniature pigs live? Amazingly, these little piggies have an extremely long life span. Like any living thing, there is no guarantee, but these little guys have been known to live up to 15 to even 20 years. These pets are a very big commitment considering they will live with you for decades and bond with their owners. It is hard for a pig to be ripped away from their original family and serious consideration should be taken before taking on a teacup pig.

I have allergies, do mini pigs have fur? Mini Pigs are 95% hypo allergenic and have hair not fur. These are the perfect pets for homes with anybody who has bad allergies. When I hear of people who have to get rid of their dogs or cats due to their own or their children’s allergies, I wish families knew about these amazing pets!

Should I get a Male of a Female? Just like any animal, each pig has their own personality. I have noticed most breeders favorite pig of all time is typically a male, however males need to be neutered to be better pets. Un-neutered males have a very distinct odor and can be aggressive at times. However, there is little difference between males and females once they are spayed or neutered. All of our piglets are spayed or neutered before they join your home.

Are there requirements to owning a Mini Pig? Yes! Although there are quantity vs. quality breeders that will sell a mini pig to anybody with no questions asked, we are not those breeders. We screen new piglet owners to insure great long term homes for all of our piggies. Since pigs can live up to 15 years and beyond, we are very sensitive to insuring one owner and only perfect homes. We do not sell mini pigs to anybody that is not settled or young buyers who will move multiple times. Proper zoning is also concern as you do not want to buy a mini pig and have the city you are living in make you get rid of your prized pet. The perfect home would be mature adults or families with homes, a yard, and other animals, due to their longevity and happiness.

Is my city zoned for mini pigs? Unfortunately, since these mini pigs are newer to the US and not a recognized breed, they are considered a farm animal just like their ancestors the potbelly or farm pig which can reach 150-200 pounds and farm pigs can mature at upwards to 800-1200 pounds. Although I do not agree with the zoning laws since mini pigs are smaller pets and not farm animals, there may still be a concern with owning your mini pig. You should check the zoning laws in your city. I do know many teacup piglet owners that take the risk of owning a mini pig regardless of the zoning laws, however we take no responsibility in the outcome of owning a mini pig that goes against your cities zoning.

Are mini pigs messy and do they smell? Surprisingly, in contrast with their bad reputation, pigs are extremely clean animals. They do not like to eat and potty in the same environment. You can also bathe your mini pig and the more you do, the more they enjoy it. Now that they are older I hose them down outside with the garden hose, when it is hot they love it. They do not have an odor, my St. Bernard dogs are much smellier! :) Piglets are easily potty trained, and other then playing in the yard, they are similar to a dog without the harsh breath and fur that holds in dirt and odor!

The Breeds…

All breeds of piggies are highly intelligent, love other animals and people, make great indoor and outdoor pets, are easily potty trained, easy to teach tricks and walk on leash, and live upwards towards 15-20 years. They are truly amazing and unique pets! Best of all the have no dander, so people can own them with allergy issues. If you love dogs and cats, you will love mini teacup pigs!

(These are not recognized breeds and are more for size reference than anything.)

Miniature Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs: These miniature pigs are the most popular breed today and have an amazing disposition and attractive look. They have exaggerated potbellies, short puggy noses, short legs, and swayed backs (a sign of overfeeding in other animals) are completely normal and healthy. Their average height is about 14 inches and their average weight about 35-50 pounds. See our male Kevin Bacon. We breed these.

Juliana Pig or Painted: These little guys average between 10-16 inches and weigh anywhere from 15-40 pounds. They do not have an exaggerated pot belly, they have longer legs and snout, and are smaller boned or more dainty. Like the potbellied pig, they have a gentle disposition. We have a famale mixed with Juliana and mini potbelly.

African Pygmy or Guinea Hog: Truly Lilliputian, these miniature pigs weigh in at an average of 20-40 pounds and reach an average height of 14 to 22 inches. They are active, alert and highly intelligent. In contrast to the potbellied pigs, African Pygmies have straight backs. They bond quickly to their humans and love to be close to their favorite people.

Yucatan (Mexican Hairless) Pig: These mini pigs come in both a small and not so small model. The larger breed can run upwards of 200 pounds while the smaller variety averages between 50 and 100 pounds. They grow to 16-24 inches in height.

Miniature Pig Sizes…

The sizes being mentioned on the net, which are not breeds but a combination, are the following-We breed Miniature Potbelly pigs, Mini Veietnamese, and a sometimes a mix of Julianna, and our pigs will weigh approximately 35-50 pounds depending on lifestyle. Tecup does not mean they fit in the palm of your hand, it means they are MUCH smaller then their cousins!

Potbelly Pig: 18 – 26″  weigh up to 200 lbs -Do Not Breed

Miniature Potbelly Pig: 16 – 18″ weigh up to 60-100 lbs- Do Not Breed

Teacup Pig or Mini Vietnamese Potbelly: 14-16″ and under  This size is just another name for a smaller pot bellied pig and weigh anywhere from 35-40 pounds. potbellies are a mixture of colors, but are predominately black, black and white, or pink with black and gray markings. This is our preference!

Toy Pig:  14 – 16″ (Can be a combination of two breeds) They will be many different colors as well to include chocolate, spotted, pink, and red. They are promised at very small sizes, and some under 20 pounds full groen. We do not breed these.

Micro pig:  12 – 16″  This is a new breed in itself, you will notice a different body type than the potbellies and a longer, squared off nose., straight back, smaller tummy and longer leg. They also weigh less than mini pot belly pigs, which makes them easier to handle. We Do not breed Micros.

Mini Juliana Pig: 11 – 16″  This is a breed in itself.  Unlike the pot bellies the Juliana is very delicate boned and has a long nose and always has spots.  Also knows as the painted pig or spotted Juliana. This is the smallest boned of all of the mini breed but many do not like it’s purebred look, we cross them to micros to get the smooshed in nose people want. Juliana pigs are an important part of our breeding program, they bring incredible color and the refined body to the party, purebreds are also very rare. Even if you get a 15 or 16 inch tall pig (which is still very small) it will be mostly because of the longer legs and the body is finer so they do not get as heavy.

Ossabaw Island Pig: Averaging 14-20 inches and 25-90 pounds, Ossabaw’s have a fantastic temperament, bond well with humans and are very bright. These guys live up to 25 years so you’re practically adopting a child and raising him through college as much as buying a pet.

Thank you for your interest in our Mini Pigs, please feel free to contact us in any form that is easiest for you!

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